The Geeky Moms Experience

The experience that I gained by being part of the Geeky Moms sessions is so amazing, I really had no clue or idea if what Geeky Moms is until I decided no man just try this new thing that you do'nt understand  if what is thing about. On the first day oh it was fun and interesting too wow the facilitators  are so good at it each and every time you are in the class you feel like doing it for more extra hours. I now even know things like how to google information without logging out of your email something that I did not know.


This is the first time that I have done a course at RLabs, though I have known about the organisation for a while. I find the facilitators to be good, helpful and caring. They are ready to assist us and also at times leave us to our own devices. Though the participants are at different levels, we are accommodated. I also like the course content and most of what we covered was new to me. I am grateful and thank Suzanne, Mareldia, Deneel and Shasha Lee Wishing RLabs well !

geeky moms journey

Hey my name is Emma I am the RLabs student in Geeky Moms. The journey for me here was quite especial because I never had the chance to learn about writing a blog or to be introduced to Women struggles. What we do here in RLabs we learn more things such as digital this  and google things . I have learn more about loving  myself. Being here in Geeky Moms changed my life in different ways even my mom always you are growing in a good path of life you are no longer everywhere in the streets like a child that don't have a home. I can write a whole page about my life in Geeky Mom's blog or my own blog that I will do cause there's so much to share to women out there even if I am the youngest I can share a lot of experience that I've experience here in Geeky Mom's or in my blog. It very nice to be here I am able to get a chance to get to create my own blog and learn how to write it by the help of Suzanne and the Geeky Mom's help.

my geeky moms experience

My name is khanyiswa Ngoxoza. Live in Samora machell i talk a lot ,Iam very fun and serious sometimes. My experience at geeky moms is very fun and i again knowledge about somethings didn't know .I heard about Rlabs from a friend and then i came here at rlabs to register.I saw this geeky moms i asked about an i was so interested .Now that im here it brings back my confidance as a women ,i love it. 

Geeky moms journey

Being independent at such age its amazing and sometimes hard. I started working after my matric of which i didnt go to any tertiary so i dont have any experience of attending classes and stuff so from now on am using any chance i t have to gain something new in my life like studying n having more experience.meeting new nice people in my life helped me ''Yonela Khohlongo". who introduced me to Rlabs academy now am gaining something new especially attending Geeky moms and am looking forward to learn more about it. Geeky moms is such an amazing course ever and am enjoying it learning to

Geeky Moms Experience

The experience that I received at Geeky Moms session is very helpful and interesting, I gained a lot of  things that I was not aware of or know like how to go to google and search for other stuffs while you still not logged out while still on your gmail account or without logging out first. I really enjoy Geeky Moms Sessions I wish it was for a whole month. Thank you Yours sincerely Nomzamo Laho

My Geeky Moms Journey

I enjoyed being part of the Geeky Moms. At first I was struggling and it was difficult for me to use the computer, but now I am better than before. I have learnt a lot about computers, that makes me very happy. Now I know the basics of the computer. I am also very excited that I have my own Gmail account, which I thought I won